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 Forming the Simple Present Tense- exercises are at the bottom of the page.  Press 'continue with the exercises'.

Forming the Present Continuous Tense -exercises are at the bottom of the page.  Press 'continue with the exercises'.

Negatives and Questions in the Simple Present Tense-exercises are at the bottom of the page.  Press 'continue with the exercises'.

Negatives and Questions in the Present Continuous Tense- exercises are at the bottom of the page.  Press 'continue with the exercises'.

How old are you?- 'to be' Present Progressive forms
The Old Port- Present Progressive vs Present Simple Verb 'Present Tense- non-progressive verbs.
Telephone interview In my apartment there is ....
A flight to Florida: there is, are, is there, are there I am going to a party-  Present Progressive
esl blue(s) Quiz Present Simple Questions/ Trivia Present Simple or Progressive (Continuous)? 1
esl blue(s) Double Quiz Present Simple/Trivia Present Simple or Progressive (Continuous)? 2
My friend's favorite sport: baseball - non-progressive verbs Simple Present or Progressive (Continuous)?
esl blue(s): The Traffic Jam esl blue(s) Who is wearing..? Present Progressive

Tom's Diner by Susan Vega

Forming the Simple Past Tense (Regular Verbs)- exercises at the bottom of the page

Forming the Past Tense (Irregular Verbs) -exercises at the bottom of the page
Simple Past- a  very easy Cloze Exercise Forming and Using the Past Continuous Tense --exercises at the bottom of the page
esl blue(s) Quiz: Past tense and trivia Past Form of the verbs
Negatives and Questions in the Simple Past Tense --exercises at the bottom of the page Irregular Verbs
Past Simple - exercise Past Simple- a story matching exercise
A Disastrous Day- irregular forms A Small Accident

The Present Perfect Tense- an introduction and three exercises Using the Present Perfect Tense- intro and 3 exercises
Mr Blue goes for his first walk Present Perfect -negatives
Present Perfect- regular and irregular verbs Word Order with Yet and Already
Since, For or Ago? Present Perfect or Simple Past? How long ..? When ...? 1 Present Perfect vs. Simple Past
ESL BLUE(s) Dancing Duo: Past versus Present Perfect. did or done?(esl blues)
Present Perfect vs Simple Past - introduction and five exercises For & Ago: Michele's Life

Tenses exercise Since & Ago: Tanya's life
Tense Quiz Using "To Clean" Brief History of Vancouver
Hotel Reservations - Time Words Hotel Reservations - Verb Tenses
Simple Past or Past Continuous - A Dialog Four ways to talk about the future- intro and exercises at the bottom of the page
Forming and Using the Past Perfect Tense + exercises at the bottom of the page Things People Do
ESL Blue(s): The hurricane. Simple Present versus Present Progressive Roadside Blues
ESL BLUE(s): Quiz on Present Simple versus Present Progressive esl blue(s) English Quiz: Dissatisfied Customer. Present Tenses
ESL BLUE(s). Quiz. The Attack of the Underpants. Past Tenses, Questions. esl blue(s) English Quiz: A Ski Accident. All Tenses
Swim, Swims, Swimming, Swam or Swum Correct or Incorrect - Verbs

Easy Difficult
 Quiz 1- introduction and one exercise Error Correction - Agreement
"He"+verbs Singular or Plural ?
"We"+verbs Obligation with Subject Agreement
"She"+verbs Subject-Verb Agreement
Subject-Verb Agreement Subject Verb Agreement Quiz
People is or are? Subject and Verb Agreement


English Conditionals - an introduction

First Conditional First Conditional 2
Second Conditional 1 Second Conditional 2
Second Conditional 3 Second conditional 4
Third Conditional If .... Romeo & Juliet
If Romeo & Juliet 2 Conditionals- review from VLC
Wish 1 Wishes
If ......mixed part 2 Which Conditional Should I Use?
Wishes again If ...mixed conditionals

If I Had a Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies

How to change a sentence from active to passive Passive- forms, uses and over 30 exercises
 Passive or Active? Bill Gates's Car- esl blue(s)
The Passive 1 The Passive 2
The Passive 3 Esl blue's Space Eploration
esl blue(s) Quiz: Nothing Passive about Last Night! Past Tense Passives  


Nouns, adjectives, noun and adjective clauses

 Count-Non-Count Nouns- introduction and 3 exercises Adjectives with pictures
Countable and uncountable 2 Adjective Order
Countable & uncountable 3 Quia - Comparatives
The Ski Trip  - how much/ how many Adjective Order Quiz
esl blue(s): Someone, anyone, no one, etc._ -ed and -ing
  esl blue(s): (pronouns)Myself, Yourself, etc. -ed and -ing (spelling)
Noun Clauses Nouns as adjectives
Noun clauses quiz Adjective clauses quiz
Exercise on Reported Speech  

Mr Purple and Mr Blue Pronouns- I, you, he, she it
Put the people in a line on - under - on top - underneath
On Under In front of... Prepositions
Prepositions Time expressions
Some, any, etc. "Dictation" Much, many and other quantity words.
Some and Any Negative forms
Building questions Because - so
My Friend Luisa- common errors (esl blues) Negative forms of verbs
esl blue(s): Montreal Has Terrible Drivers ESL Blues Quizzes Prepositions of Place: To versus at
Some True or False Questions English Grammar Quizzes - Easy

Some English Grammar Questions 32 Multiple-choice Questions
Quia - Parts of Speech Grammar at Better English
English Grammar Quizzes - Medium Forming Gerunds
ELC Study Zone: 410 Grammar ESL Blue(s) must, have to 
The hurricane ESL BLUE(s). A Used Car. Present Tenses
ESL Blues Asking Questions in Different Tenses ESL Blues Quiz Asking Questions 2
Word Forms Quiz 1(adjective, adverb, noun or verb) Phrasal Verbs

English Grammar Quizzes - Difficult - many quizzes Sentence Structure exercises
Grammar at Better English a variety of exercises; index on the left side of the page Gerunds and Infinitives- on exercise
ESL (blue)s- infinitives and gerunds Reported Speech
The Hurricane. Past Tense Passive forms (esl(s) blue) Passive
Esl Blue(s) Java Quiz on Prepositions Gerunds and infinitives
Gerunds and Infinitives- intro + 6 exercises (scroll down for exercises) Causatives- intro +2 exercises
Stative and Dynamic Verbs- intro +2 exercises Adverb Clauses intro+ 1 exercise
Adjective Clauses Quick Quiz on Adjective Clauses- fill out your name and e-mail address
more Adjective Clauses Adjective Clauses- exercises (scroll down to find exercises)
Adjective Phrases - An Azar Quiz on English-Zone.Com Adjective (Relative) Clauses- VLC


 ELC Study Zone: Extra Materials
Grammar Handouts at OwL
 HyperGrammar- University of Ottawa
E. L. Easton - English Grammar

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