Website Description Level
The Hours That Count in My Life reading comprehension with exercises.  Click on NEXT at the bottom of the page to do other exercises to it.  (ESLA/ELDB and up)
A Special Christmas Present  and Two Sisters and a Cat two easy reading comprehension exercises  (University of Victoria, BC) (ESLA/ELDB and up)
Simple books in many languages Unite for Literacy  (ESLA/ELDA/B)
Nasreddin and a Pot and 5 other Nasreddin stories texts with exercises, and links to Nasreddin jokes and websites  (University of Victoria, BC)  (ESLA/ELDB and up)


The Death Car and four other stories
five selections (three crime stories)
All stories with a twist...
(University of Victoria, BC)
 late ESLB/ELDC and up
You Can Be A Singer!  Reading comprehension with questions on karaoke
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(ESL Independent Study Lab)
 ESLC/ELDD and up
 Topics in WritingDEN Canadian content on a variety of topics: nature, environment, history, government, lifestyle. (WritingDEN, BC) ESLC/ELDD and up


Duncan Mason's Culture Shock Page Stages of a culture shock with very interesting vocabulary exercises (Okanagan University College, BC) ESLD/ELDE and up


Wild Children a unit on Wild Children (Romulus and Remus; Tarzan and the Apes; Emily Carr and others. with reading and grammar exercises.

(University of Victoria, BC)

ESLD/ELDE and up
Pulp Friction A great unit with many pre-reading, reading (skimming and scanning) and post-reading exercises on environment, pulp, paper, forestry industry, and hemp.

(University of Victoria, BC)

ESLD/ELDE and up


Website Description Author

Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat by Roald Dahl "Mr. and Mrs. Bixby  lived in a small apartment in New York City.  Mr. Bixby was a dentist, who earned an average amount of money ..." E. Easton
Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl E. Easton
The Gift of the Magi by O'Henry with conditional sentences practice E. Easton
Alice in Wonderland original text  
The Moonlit Road Ghost Stories and folktales of the American South both in text and streaming audio format  
Grimms' Fairy Tales animated Grimm Brothers fairy tales with audio and games. Kidoons- public service of EnTechneVision

Quia - Short Story Elements twelve questions on short story elements Brian Wallace
Great Books QUIZ difficult Brock University
Famous Books Online many classics online  
Wikibooks portal a collection of open-content textbooks, children's books and simplified information about many languages  
Online Book Catalog -Project Gutenberg the biggest non-profit e-book collection in the world Project Gutenberg



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